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Why Choose MDSI?

Founded in 1994, MDSI began as a contract manufacturer that specializing in producing custom products for national restaurant chains.  From the beginning MDSI emphasized quality and the unique ability to make products to the exact specifications of our customers.  As the portfolio of customers and products grew, MDSI began to branch into several different product areas ranging from cutlery to gloves to bags and more.

Today, MDSI is a thriving company that has more than 100 years of combined foodservice experience and an extensive product offering.  Through continuous reinvestment, research, and expansion of capabilities, MDSI is positioned to be a great company for many years to come.




MDSI provides over 2000 items to the foodservice, janitorial, and processor markets.  Products that MDSI can supply include but are not limited to:

Cutlery, Napkins, Straws, Cups, Bags, Specialty Items, and Containers.


In addition, MDSI can provide items customized to your exact application and specifications.  MDSI is well equipped to develop products that are unique and specialized for any customer.

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