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In many situations, the key to any entrée is the accompanying sauces or toppings. Our portion cups are designed to efficiently transport sauces, liquids, and sides.  MDSI’s souffle cups are leak resistant, sturdy, and stackable making them perfect for almost any application.

All cups available in polypropylene and polystyrene. 

All cups available in black and clear

Custom colors available:  If you would like to distinguish your sauces and toppings from your competition, using a specially colored souffle cup can address that need.  This unique idea can provide a boost to any menu item and increase sales.


Plastic Cups

-Durable, crystal clear PET, polypropylene, and PLA for great visibility.  All of our plastics are derived from virgin resin and will produce an exceptional product.  If there is a need to address environmental concerns, choose our PLA cups to meet that demand.

-Wide printing areas providing great advertising opportunities

-Rolled rims for comfortable drinking experience.

-Cups available is standard sizes as well as custom sizes


Paper Cups:

In today’s market paper cups are considered a standard especially in QSR and fast casual markets.  Choose MDSI to provide you with quality paper cups and accompanying lids.  Hot cups and cold cups are available to provide an option on any beverage that your concept may serve.

-Customizable Sizes

-Lids Available in several substrates

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