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Cutlery & Straws

MDSI can meet all of your disposable cutlery needs.  MDSI’s utensils come in a variety of weights ranging from light weight to extra heavyweight.  Throughout our offering we can offer several styles, lengths, colors, and sizes that will meet all of your applications.

-Bulk Pack, Individually Wrapped, and Kits Available

-Custom Weights upon request.  MDSI has capabilities that allow you to create a piece that is to your desired weight.  Choose this option when looking to keep an effective piece while reducing costs.

-Polystyrene, Polypropylene, PLA, and Starch substrates available.  In several applications, the type of material that your individual pieces are made from will be of utmost importance.   Whether it is a need to address temperature, weight of food, or food density, MDSI can provide a cutlery piece that will take care of it easily.

In addition, with rising environmental concerns, MDSI now specializes in providing starch based and PLA cutlery.  These pieces are built to be durable and sturdy while still taking care of an environmental issue you will face.

-Custom packs available

-Custom and original pieces available to be developed


MDSI’s straws are absolutely essential for the beverage experience.  Straws vary in diameters from Jumbo to Colossal.  MDSI’s straws also come in lengths from 5 inches to 10+ which will meet any size beverage that you may be serving.

-Multiple Colors available.  Whether they are being used to identify a drink, provide better marketing, or just as a customer option, colored straws are always an interesting and fun addition to any beverage

-Bulk, Paper Wrapped, Clear Plastic Wrapped, Colored Plastic Wrapped, and PLA Wrapped Straws available.

-Custom Printed wrappers available

-PLA and Plastic compositions available

-Custom Pack sizes available

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