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Napkins are a must for every dining experience.  For every level, from casual dining to white tablecloth restaurants, MDSI has a napkin that fits the application.  MDSI’s exceptional offering includes dispenser napkins, beverage napkins, 2 and 3 ply napkins, DRC, Linen-Like, and Guest Towels.

-Custom Dispensers Available.  We have the ability to design dispensers that can help you control costs and usages.  In addition, dispensers can be designed for special spaces or special sizes that may be more conducive to your restaurant.

-Custom Printing Available w/low minimums.  If want to carry your message out beyond signage, our napkins are a great option to further expose your brand within your stores or outside of your establishment

-Custom Packs Available.  If space is an issue, a custom pack can be provided to better fit your allotted space.  If a larger case pack is need to help reduce costs, they can be provided as well.

-1/8, ¼, Interfolded, and Tall Fold Available

-Various Colors Available

-Earth Friendly Options Available:  In today’s marketplace, there is increased demand for items that are environmentally friendly.  If in your concept, there is a need for a napkin made of a substance regarded as more earth friendly, MDSI can provide that for you in several different substartes.


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